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Wed, 03. Oct 2018.

Coliseum White Plains Offers the Perfect Venue at an Affordable Rate for Perfect Holiday Parties in Westchester NY

Occasion parties run fit as a fiddle, yet regardless of the wide assortment, most offices have them. Regardless of whether to thank customers, celebrate success, or for unadulterated fun somebody needs to design them. If you have such a requirement of holiday parties in Westchester NY then look no further than Coliseum White Plains.

The reasons for being with them

They believe a party or celebration should never stop. The guests at holiday parties in Westchester County should be able to eat, drink and dance during a party at the times they want to, not dictated by the times of the catering hall. They also believe a party is a social affair, not an affair that traps people for five hours at an assigned table. They like their guests to mingle and bounce around. One of the things they pride themselves on is the quality of our food.
The customization they offer

They do not have a set menu or "list of foods" to choose from, all their holiday parties in Westchester NY are custom tailored and they will prepare ANYTHING you want. One of the spokespersons of Coliseum White Plains said, “When booking holiday parties in Westchester County, you want to work with a company that will be there an assist you during the entire process. At Coliseum, you will always be working with an owner from start to finish, either Daniel J Coughlan or Joshua F Mazzetti. Once your party is booked, you are not passed on to a captain waiter, host or maitre d' an owner will be there every step of the way. At Coliseum we take away many of the stresses of planning an event, with over half a million invested in just sound, lighting, and audio/visual effects, as well as an array of lounge furniture and table arrangements to choose from, you will require little to nothing in terms of bringing in "extras" from outside companies.

Taste of food

Before you book their party space and order the foods that you desire to have at the holiday parties in Westchester NY you can have a taste of those. During the week and on weekend nights when they are not hosting fabulous events they offer a full service menu. If you are craving their food from a party you attended or like to sample food, they serve at holiday parties in Westchester County, or if you just want to pop in for great food and amazing service then you can book your table straightway by giving them a call.

About Coliseum White Plains

Coliseum White Plains is located at 15 South Broadway in White Plains NY. It is a stylist and exhilarating party venue in Westchester County, New York and offers a gigantic 7500 square foot area for event space that can host any sort of private events in Westchester County.


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